In case you are a site owner, a problem may always show up and it does not necessarily need to be associated with the web hosting service. For example, something can go wrong when you update a script or some vital data can be edited or deleted by chance. Irrespective of what the nature of the problem may be, you will have to touch base with the support staff and ask them to retrieve a backup or to assist you in fixing the problem that you’re confronting. How quickly they’ll do this will predetermine the span of time that your websites will be inaccessible. For given websites such as social networks or web stores, a regular downtime period too often equals lost visitors and money. That being said, it is of high importance that you use the services of a company that offers not only a very good support service, but also a prompt one.

One-Hour Response Guarantee in Shared Web Hosting

Our guaranteed max reaction time for any trouble ticket that you post or any e-mail that you send is just 60 minutes, even if you contact us during weekends and national holidays. Whatever the essence of your issue or question may be, we will lend you a hand immediately and will provide you with the needed info to fix any problem with your websites. The real reply time commonly does not exceed fifteen-twenty minutes, so you can just forget about waiting for hours and hours on end to get an issue sorted out or what’s even worse – waiting a whole day only to obtain a response that more information is necessary while nothing’s fixed. We’ll assist you in a timely fashion simply because we know just how costly time can be in the dynamic Internet realm. The 60-minute reply guarantee is valid for any technical or billing enquiry that you might have about our Linux shared web hosting packages.

One-Hour Response Guarantee in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Due to the fact that we recognize just how critical it is to receive swift help, we guarantee that you won’t ever need to wait around for more than 1 hour to get a response to any ticket that you send from your semi-dedicated server CP. In fact, you will seldom need to wait around for more than 20-30 minutes and this applies to any question irrespective of its nature – billing, technical or general. Also, our customer and technical support team is on duty 7 days a week, which suggests that even in case you submit a ticket during legal holidays, you will invariably get a blazing-fast response, which will include the answer to a query, the solution to an obstacle or the details needed to solve an issue yourself – in case there’s something that you need to do on your end. With us, you’ll never have to waste an entire day hanging around waiting for a reply like you would with many other providers.