The MilwaukeeHostPlans Control Panel was designed to deliver improvement to the general web site managing interface. The last Control Panel pioneer – cPanel, was made back in the year 2000 and hasn’t been through an essential improvement since that time. The MilwaukeeHostPlans Control Panel is built on the ideas of today, bringing convenience and intuitiveness to all site management responsibilities you can imagine.

Scroll down and compare the 2 main Control Panel tools, discover more about their pluses and minuses and find out which one of them can meet your needs the most.

1. Domain name/billing/site settings

When using the MilwaukeeHostPlans Control Panel you will be able to control all of your websites, domains and mailboxes from the same place. You don’t have to depend on any extra billing or domain interfaces.

Using the cPanel Control Panel, you’ll have to log in 2 separate site management solutions – a billing panel from where you take care of domain names and payments and the cPanel Control Panel from where you take care of your web sites.

2. File Structure

Using the MilwaukeeHostPlans Control Panel, all your domain names and subdomains are going to be free from one another. Each individual web site can have its own directory separated from the rest inside the /home/ directory of your website hosting account. You can easily switch from focusing on one web site to maintaining another.

If you try to control numerous web sites from one cPanel hosting account, it could be really complicated. You’ll have a single main web site and all of the extra sites and subdomains will be included into its folder as subfolders. If you want to have a standalone directory for every single web site, you will have to utilize different Control Panel interfaces for each.

3. File Manager

The MilwaukeeHostPlans File Manager was made to function exactly like your desktop computer file explorer. Including characteristics like drag & drop file uploading, right–click context menus, archive/unzip functions, etcetera., it’ll make working with your data files quick and easy. Furthermore, you will discover an in–built WYSIWYG manager along with a backend code editor.

The File Manager of cPanel is slow and restricted in characteristics. Uploading multiple files demands a great deal of time and will not include drag–and–drop support. The included archive/extract tool is untrustworthy and the file editing tools give only simple controls. There isn’t quick access to the available file management actions.

4. Cost–free Extras

In case you’re seeking to obtain a better value for your bucks, then the MilwaukeeHostPlans Control Panel is your answer. It has free–of–charge bonus tools that are estimated to cost over a thousand dollars. You’ll be able to work with the Simple Site Installer, Applications Installer, 1 Click Framework Installer, Complimentary Website Building Instrument and you’ll have access to a big selection of free–of–cost site templates.

The zero–cost extras incorporated in the cPanel Control Panel can vary from N/A to several. All of the free–of–cost extras within the cPanel Control Panel are commercial software and are accessible to you only when your hosting supplier has bought a certificate to offer them. So, if your provider 100–percent–free bonus tools with your package, they’ll in fact increase the value of the plan.

5. Control Panel Interface Performance Rates

The MilwaukeeHostPlans Control Panel is engineered making use of the most popular web technologies. That way, it uses in full the power of your web browser and net connection to so you’re able to handle your web sites really fast. In our evaluation experiments, when conducting similar operations, MilwaukeeHostPlans’s Control Panel reached three times better rates versus competitive control panels.

cPanel is still functioning on a platform from a decade ago and can really slow down sometimes. The cPanel development team has made a major step with the roll–out of cPanel accelerated. Even so, in evaluation experiments, prevalent website management tasks often indicate superior results with other Control Panels.

6. Multi–domain Control

Using the MilwaukeeHostPlans Control Panel, you are able to control a wide range of domain names and web sites from one location. Transitioning between domain management and website management is done by simply moving to a different area of the Control Panel. There is no need to log into a different interface to manage your web sites.

If you try to accommodate different domain names in a cPanel web hosting account, you’ll be facing a truly complicated directory hierarchy. By default, cPanel hosting accounts are prepared to deal with just one domain. This way, in order to work with ten domain names at the same time, for example, you’ll need to configure 10 different accounts. Or else, all extra domain names’ files will be found in the directory of the main domain name.

7. Control Panel Navigation

Using the MilwaukeeHostPlans Control Panel, you’ll be able to instantly browse from one area to a new one by using our helpful top menu bar. It has links to each area of the Control Panel and also a quick explanation of exactly what you can do there. This way, even if you do not understand what the name of the area indicates, you’ll be able to fairly quickly get acquainted with its functionalities.

Inside the cPanel Control Panel, the main page is the sole place that has hyperlinks to the different sections. In case you go into a menu and wish to easily change to another, you’ll need to get back to the homepage and navigate from that point. This particular navigation could certainly slow your task when you need to immediately execute several tasks all at once.

8. Test Control Panel Accounts

Using the MilwaukeeHostPlans Control Panel, we have made a feature–rich demo version for you to take a look just before sign–up. You will get access to an evaluation Linux shared web hosting packages account where you can create e–mail addresses, use web apps, make brand–new sub–domains, and even make a website using any of MilwaukeeHostPlans’s website builders, and so on. Should you like what you have created – you will be able to register within the demo interface and keep everything you have come up with up to now.

The cPanel Control Panel is designed with a basic demo account that doesn’t offer you access to the key site management tools you wish to test out. It’ll reveal to you how a basic index page seems like and you’ll have access to one or two of all the offered management options. The other sections will be turned off unless you sign up.

Using the MilwaukeeHostPlans Control Panel, managing your websites will be straightforward and enjoyable. Just take a glance at MilwaukeeHostPlans’s Web Hosting Control Panel demo and discover the included parameters and functionalities to see by yourself.

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