The Website Installer located in the MilwaukeeHostPlans Web Hosting Control Panel offers you an actually quite easy way to create a brand–new website along with a custom web design in under 5 minutes. It just takes just a few basic steps for your web site to be on the Internet. You are able to pick from over 200 available web templates and as soon as everything is all set, you’re able to manage your brand–new site with ease. We’re going to give you sign–in information for the admin area and you should be able to start putting in new website pages immediately. If perhaps, anytime, you need assistance – our computer engineers will be available round the clock, willing to help you along.

The Website Installer can be found each Linux shared web hosting packages, Linux semi-dedicated hosting packages and Linux dedicated servers hosting packages offer coming with the MilwaukeeHostPlans Web Hosting Control Panel.

A Site Installation Tool For Everybody

Develop a completely new website without any technical expertise

The site installer links the space amongst technically inexperienced users and complicated web site development and style and design. Utilizing the application, you’ll not have to have any expertise in HTML or CSS. You are going to just need to choose how your site is going to appear like and click on the installation button of the application. That is everything. Next, you’ll be able to include unique web pages and submit your own pictures with just a click of the mouse. No program code to create, no design and style to act on. It is all is taken care of from the user–friendly tool in the backend and is executed in a few minutes.

In case, for reasons unknown, you’re not very pleased with what you have come up with, you can anytime undo the modifications and start again.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

Over 200 Design Themes In Your Hands

Set up your new site with simply a click

To enable you to bring your website online as soon as possible, we have crafted a selection of web themes you could use. Depending on the topic of your website, you can find a wonderful design template for your blog or image gallery or maybe the optimal pattern for your portfolio. All web templates are accessible for completely free download within your Web Hosting Control Panel. We are working hard to construct fresh website themes depending on the most current style and design tendencies to be able to offer you a better choice for your own sites.

200+ Free Templates

24–hour Support

The web hosting experts are available 24 hours a day

The support personnel is made up of experts that have worked well several years in the web hosting marketplace. They are qualified to tackle all kinds of difficulties and can be found around the clock, in a position to assist you. Added to that, we’ve got Regularly Asked Questions and lots of how–to videos.

Additionally, our company offers a 1–hour reply–back time frame warranty, meaning you will definitely get a reply to your issue quickly. The normal reply–back time period is under 20 minutes.

24/7 Support